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Any of the Northwest Kansas Foundation for HOPE board members are ready and willing to assist you in any way. Please feel free to make contact with any of the board members.

Ashley Brzon, 785.614.0738, Sheridan County
Jennifer Collins, 785.799.5761, Logan County
Roni Dietz, 785.443.1565
Brette Hankin, 785.462.1513
Sara Jamison, 785.405.0074
Jenny Johnson, 785.443-1909
Allie Kastens, 785.626.0409, Rawlins County
Denni Rehmer, 785.443.0395
Crystal Pounds, 785.650.7536
Alicia Siruta, 785.443.2896
Amber Smith, 785.443.2070
Regina Suter, 913.620.7521
Lesley Wagoner, 785.443.2112
Tasha Wagoner, 785.443.3656